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@techreport{PLPC-120033, author = {" Mohsen BANAN "}, title = {" The Nature of Poly-Existentials: Basis for Abolishment of The Western Intellectual Property Rights Regime "}, type = "Permanent Libre Published Content", number = {"120033"}, institution = "Autonomously Self-Published", month = {"January"}, year = "2019", note = "\htmladdnormallink{}{}", abstract = " That which exists in nature in multiples, we call poly-existentials. Information and knowledge exist in nature in multiples – not in singular. Information and knowledge are poly-existentials. In this document we analyze the topic of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from a new perspective. The topic of restriction of poly-existentials and Western IPR are one and the same. Yet, the concept of poly-existentials has not appeared in prior discussions of this topic. This is the very first time that the concept and the word “poly-existetials” are being introduced. The concept of poly-existence makes the fraudulence of Western IPR clear and obvious. Beyond rejecting Western IPR and calling for its abolishment we introduce the \"Libre-Halaal\" label for the halaal manner-of-existence of poly-existentials. Based on that, we then provide definitional criteria for Libre-Halaal_Software and Libre-Halaal_Internet_Services. Towards a cure, as a a moral alterantive to the proprietary american digital ecosystem we put forward the The_Libre-Halaal_ByStar_Digital_Ecosystem. Equipped with our blueprint and our initial implementation of the ByStar digital ecosystem we then turn our attention to economics and business. We introduce the model of Global_Poly-Existential_Capitalism and based on that bring forward Neda’s_Open_Business_Plan_for_ByStar. Our main goal for all of this has been to influence societal policies towards adoption of halaal manner-of-existence of poly-existentials in Eastern societies in general and Iran in particular. The last chapter of this document focuses on the model of Libre-Halaal poly-existentials as a replacement for the Western IPR regime.", location = "/lcnt/lgpc/mohsen/permanent/polyExistential/mb_polyExistentials" }
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