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ByStar Web Collective

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Figure 1: Reading Roadmap For The Libre-Halaal ByStar Digital Ecosystem


1  The ByStar Web Collective Overview

The layers in Figure 1 are color coded. Each of the layers are either:

A Conceptual Layer.
Representing concepts. Layers 1,2,3,4,7 and 8 are in Green, Blue and Yellow.
A Tangible Layer.
Representing software/service implementations. Layers 5 and 6 are in Orange and Brown.

2  ByStar Central Web Sites

The lowest layer (Layer 1) is a general conceptual layer, presented in green in Figure 1.

2.1  ByStar.Net –

Briefly, philosophical halaal is “manifestation” of “moral sensibilities” relevant to a specific topic where “the set of actions” map to “right.” And, philosophical haraam is “manifestation” of “moral sensibilities” relevant to a specific topic where “the set of actions” map to “wrong.”

2.2  LibreCenter –

3  Autonomous ByStar Services

3.1  ByName ByStarEntity Generators –

3.1.1  ByName Entity Examples –

  1. We are rooted in philosophy and morality — Not just economics.
  2. For each form of poly-existential, the manner-of-existence that permit Professions to safeguard society and humanity are the Halaal manner-of-existence for that poly-existential.

4  Controlled ByStar Services

4.1  ByWhere ByStarEntity Generators –

4.1.1  ByWhere Entity Examples –

5  Federtaed ByStar Services

5.1  ByInteractions –


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