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joining ByStar

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Joining   A Strategy For
Rapidly Becoming An Internet Application Service Provider
ByStar   Joining, Adopting and/or Licensing ByStar
As A Group A Public Unsolicited Proposal
    (1) Recognize Importance Of Your Privacy and Autonomy
Joining   (2) Obtain Your Private ByStar Account
ByStar   (3) Obtain Your By*-Autonomous-Server (or Virtual-Server)
Individually   (4) Fully Control Your By* Account and Your Autonomous Service

Figure 1: Joining ByStar – En Masse and Individually


1  Joining ByStar

Successful Digital Ecosystems are dynamic. They grow and are ever evolving.

In the early stages of the evolution of ByStar we have adopted the strategy of limiting the size of our user base. A large active user base requires more support and is more difficult to maintain when service changes are frequent and when structural corrections may be needed.

At a certain point we would invite the public at large to use fully automated services to obtain ByStar accounts and start using ByStar. But, that is not now. ByStarEntityGenerator web services such as, etc. are in place. However, at this time we screen account requests individually.

1.1  En Masse

Groups of users (Autonomous ByStarEntities) such as student or staff at a university or High School or a church can join ByStar en masse and obtain ByName services.

Other ByStarEntity abstractions, for example, the deceased in a particular cemetery can join ByStar en masse and obtain ByMemory services.

In an article titled:

Joining, Adopting and/or Licensing ByStar
A Strategy For Rapidly Becoming An Internet Application Service Provider
A Proposal

We describe various options for those interested in joining, adopting and/or licensing ByStar.

1.2  Individually

Any individual wishing to join ByStar can make a request and we usually activate accounts for these requests. Please see for details.

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