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RO-ICM: Best Current (2019) Practices For Web Services Development

RO-ICM: Best Current (2019) Practices For Web Services Development

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Remote Operations Interactive Command Modules (RO-ICM)

Best Current (2019) Practices For Web Services Development

Document Number: PLPC-180056   [ .bib ]
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Dated: February 12, 2019
Group: engineering
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Author(s): Mohsen BANAN
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What are the current (2019) best practices for building web services? We want the building process to be as convenient as possible, We want it to be easy to maintain and we want the resulting services to be enduring. Using python and swagger within the ICM (Interactive Command Modules) framework, we present a complete environment that starts with creation of a command-line module which can based on full automation then be split into remote-performer and invoker model of remote operations.


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