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ByStar Interactive Command Modules (ICM) and Players.

ByStar Interactive Command Modules (ICM) and Players.

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Interactive Command Modules (ICM) and Players

A Model For GUI-Line User Experience For Linux Commands

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Dated: July 30, 2017
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Interactive Command Modules (ICM) and ICM-Players. Scope of this document covers both Python and Bash ICMs. Target Oriented ICM and instantiated ICMs are included.


ByStar Interactive Command Modules (ICM) and Players.

Interactive Command Modules (ICM) and Players
A Model For GUI-Line User Interface For Linux Commands

Document #PLPC-180050
Version 0.1
July 30, 2017
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1  Introduction

2  Overview Of By* Internet Services OS (BISOS)

Figure 1: BISOS Model and Terminology

3  Interactive Command Modules (ICM) and Players

Figure 2: Interactive Command Modules (ICM) Anatomy

Figure 3: Interactive Command Module (ICM) Players

Figure 4: Target Oriented Interactive Command Modules (TO-ICM) Hour-Glass Model


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